Sunday, 28 February 2010

Getting ready for Society of Women Artists...

Today I am starting a drawing of a Tiffanie cat (very posh and very very pretty!). She is doing my favourite pose of looking back and when she's ready she will be entered for the Society of Womens Artists exhibition in London at the Mall Galleries. Here's a little picture of her ... this is what I will be drawing. If I remember, I will take "in progress" photos to post here as it's not a commission.


  1. She's beautiful, I look forward to seeing the progress shots would be great!!

  2. She is indeed beautiful, look at that tail! Can't wait to see the drawing Cathy. Is she yours?

  3. I wish she was mine but I couldn't afford one of these beauties! And yes, the tail is magnificent. This was when she was less than a year old so her coat hadn't fully grown then either! The only other breed that I have met in person that has a tail like it is the Maine Coon. Now I know there are lots of breeds of cats with fluffy tails but these are the only 2 that I have come across personally!


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