Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Hunter and the Sand dog.

Very busy with the hunter commission today, just having a stretch to get my circulation going again!
Now the picture I am uploading today is a SAND DOG. Myself and my daughter (several years ago now) made this chap on Charminster beach in Dorset. He was quite big - about 4 foot long and about 2 foot high. You would be amazed at how many people stopped to watch the work progressing! I love doing sand sculptures on beaches and whilst I know they aren't up to the standard of the top sand artists I really enjoy it. I did some dolphins once in Spain and they all clearly thought I was totally mad! (not far wrong I suppose!)


  1. Hi Cathy, it has been lovely to look through your blog. Love the first post of you and your dog! It was great to have a peek at your paintings as well as your wonderful pencil pieces.

    Sally Martin

  2. Thanks Sally, dog comes more or less everywhere with me. Glad you enjoyed your visit here, do keep coming back.


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