Wednesday, 24 February 2010

In Scotland

My friend Glynis is in Edinburgh today and gave me a call, she tells me it has been snowing there all day! It's my home town where I was born and is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK as far as I am concerned (of course - not that I am biased!). So today I am showing you another painting that I did in Scotland at Christmas. This is Helmsdale Harbour and is another of my 6" x 8" oil sketches on primed MDF. It took about an hour to do, I had my parents with me that day as we had thought that we might have lunch in La Mirage (fish and chips) where the food is lovely but they were closed! Myself and my mum sat in the car getting strange looks from the fishermen on the pier (I was painting and had so positioned the car in a bit of a peculiar angle!). It was a really cold day and although there's not much snow in this picture, there was plenty of it around and the roads were terrible. It was about as far as we mangaged to venture from Golspie (18 miles from Golspie to Helmsdale) where my parents live because of ice on the roads. I might do a larger version of this one one day as I love seascapes with boats in.

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