Wednesday, 30 June 2010

DAY 5 of the 100 days - Marazion

Title: Leafy Lane - Marazion.
Price: £70.00 (price includes postage & packing within UK - please contact me for other destinations)
Medium: Oil on board.
Size: 6" x 8"

This is a painting I did at Marazion nature reserve. It was difficult to get the different greens and the dappled sunlight on the path and the leaves. (The greens in the photo here are a bit darker than in the painting, the yellow highlights are much yellower). I had wanted to paint the marshes as some of the Newlyn school had done but it is a bad time of year as the reeds are so high that it was almost impossible to actually see the water! This lane led to the railway line where you can cross into the second half of the reserve (yep, you can still walk on the railway lines in Britain! - I am surprised it hasn't been outlawed due to health and safety!).
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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

DAY 4 of the 100 days - Arabian Horse

DAY 4.
Updated on 30th June - the sketch with the black headcollar on is a second picture I did of this horse. The buyer will have the choice of either painting. Please state clearly whether you want original red headcollar or new black headcollar. Black headcollar is approx 4" square.

Title: Arab Watercolour Sketch.
Price: £30.00 (price includes postage & packing within UK - please contact me for other destinations)
Medium: Watercolour on paper. (please note that the colours in the photo are slightly darker than the real thing, I found it very hard to get an exact likeness)
Size: 13cm x 9cm

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I have just finished this little diddy watercolour of an Arab head. I am a bit later tonight as I have been out at work all day as well. This was really an exercise in colour and not making mud and not quite so much about the correct anatomy of the horse, although, it is in my favourite looking back pose too. I will probably paint this horse again in oils and maybe do one in graphite but really it is the colour of it I like so much. This Arab was a champion at a Spanish show I went to a couple of years ago. I am not very used to watercolours so I hope to improve as time goes on and hopefully during the 100 days. I have also realised that I need to get some white of some sort to touch in small areas that should have been left as white paper. Part of the reason I decided to do this 100 days was to make myself do things I don't normally do!
Delighted today as the Society of Women Artists rang me to tell me that I have won a prize for my Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hounds drawing - £200 worth of paper from St. Cuthberts Mill. Brilliant as I will be able to practise more watercolours in bigger sizes without worrying about the cost of the paper!!!

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Monday, 28 June 2010

DAY 3 of the 100 days - Cornish Rocks

DAY 3.
Welcome to the 3rd day of my 100 pictures in 100 days project. Each day I will post a new small picture here on my blog.

Title: Cornish Coast.
Price: £70.00 (price includes postage & packing within UK - please contact me for other destinations)
Medium: Oil on board.
Size: 8" x 6"

I have been out all day today so today we have an oil that I did in Cornwall. It is of a piece of the very southernly Cornish Coast and I had been painting another scene for a while when I decided it was tea time and I wanted to pack up. I still had a bit of paint on the palette and decided to give myself just 5 minutes to use it up! It took around 5 minutes and I felt that it remained nice and fresh. I also wanted to do a more simplified picture, hence the time limit on it! I was pleased with the result and the simplicity of it and it really is rather different to my normal works, not just the pencil drawings but the oils too. I normally get much more tied up with the picture than this.

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Sunday, 27 June 2010

DAY 2 of the 100 days - Rough Collie

DAY 2.
Welcome to the second day of my 100 pictures in 100 days project. Each day I will post a new small picture here on my blog.

Title: Rough Collie.
Price: £50.00 (price includes postage & packing within UK - please contact me for other destinations)
Medium: Graphite pencil on heavyweight cartridge paper.
Size: 12cm x 9.5cm

Today's picture is of a Rough Collie. This isn't my dog, she belongs to a friend in Devon. As a child we had a rough collie but it was a tri-coloured one and not a sable like this lass. She has a particularly good head and ears for a rough collie, I remember as a child at a show one breeder had used chewing gum to weigh down the tips of the ears so they dropped like this collie.
This is quite a small picture and I am finding it much harder and it takes longer to get the detail in, something I must remember when I am going to be doing drawings for the miniature society later in the year. It takes lots of sharp pencils too so I got through more doing this than doing a larger one. I have to get on with the drawings now for the Society of Equestrian Artists exhibition - I still have one and a half to do!

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Saturday, 26 June 2010

DAY 1 of the 100 days - Doma Vaquera. NOW SOLD /AHORA SE VENDE

DAY 1.
Welcome to the first day of my 100 pictures in 100 days project. Each day I will post a new small picture here on my blog.

Title: Doma Vaquera.
Price: SOLD (price includes postage & packing within UK - please contact me for other destinations)
Medium: Graphite pencil on heavyweight cartridge paper.
Size: 4.5" x 6" (11cm x 15.5cm)

I thought it appropriate to start the 100 days with something I am well known for, a pencil drawing of a (part) Spanish horse. This chap was at a place I visited in Spain this year. The horse is what is known as an Hispano-Arabe - that being a cross between an Andalucian and an Arab. It is a very popular working breed in Spain. It was the shape along the top of the horse and rider that drew me to this picture. The translation of Doma Vaquera is literally Cowboy dressage.
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Friday, 25 June 2010

Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow!!!

Oh my goodness. It starts tomorrow but I am ready for it (at least I think that I am). Todays photos are a sheepdog at the farm I was painting at today, she is just lovely and I have pictures of her when she was just a little pup. The other photo is of the 2 models we had today, a dark bay horse and a lovely pony. They were quite a challenge to paint.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

2 Days to go.

More horse paintings today - the weather looked a bit dodgy this morning but it cleared up up in the afternoon. A very odd thing happened today, I left my easel and board up in the field and when I returned there on the corner of the board was a frog! I have called it the Blog Frog! The Devon painting week finishes tomorrow for ever - a sad day for all I think. The other photo is a view from the B & B I am staying in, if you look closely, there is a cow and her newly born calf in it.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

3 days to go./ 3 días para ir.

Only 3 days now and not getting far with the pochade paintings!
Today's photos are: Me making friends with a foal on Dartmoor, me painting a Tor on Dartmoor and a Koala bear - see for yourself what it really is!!!!
Not sure if this makes sense or not because I have been to the pub tonight and nearly forgot to blog altogether!  /  A sólo 3 días y no conseguir ahora con las pinturas pochade!
Fotos de hoy son: Me hace amiga de un potro de Dartmoor, mepinta un Tor en Dartmoor y un oso koala - ver por ti mismo lo querealmente es!!
No estoy seguro si esto tiene sentido o no, porque he estado en elbar esta noche y casi se olvidó de blog por completo!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

4 days to go.

It's late as myself and Glynis have been playing with ponies and painting on Dartmoor this evening. Also been painting all day during the Art week. It's been lovely weather too .... the pics tonight are of the other dog (Peggy) at the other B & B I stayed in Cornwall. The other picture is of a mare and foal on the way across Bodmin.

Monday, 21 June 2010

5 days to go.

Ok so we have got to just 5 days left until the 100 days blog. Todays picture is of me painting at Cape Cornwall. I asked a nice bloke on the beach if he would be kind enough to take a pic of me painting and he did. Today I have done a couple more paintings (horses and landscapes) in oil so they will be on during the blog at some time when they are a bit dryer. It's been lovely and sunny today too so had the advantage of getting a little bit browner at the same time.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

6 days to go and counting down in terror.

Started the day with a painting of a leafy sun dotted lane. Drove up to Bodmin and got lots of pictures of some coloured mares and foals on the moor. Ate chocolate brownies all the way to Launceston where I had the job of taking photos of a lovely trail hound who I have to draw later in the year. I got some lovely pics of her giant rabbits, goats and doves. I haven't had time to do the download of the photos yet so no pictures today. Hopefully tomorrow. Am now in Devon ready for a week of painting horses, what bliss.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

ONE week from today!

Here are 2 photos from yesterday, one of my favourite places - Sennen Cove in the evening and one of Sage, one of the dogs at my B & B. He is so sweet but his pal Peggy is lovely too, I think that Peggy is glad that Moss isn't here with me though.Last night ended up not being able to blog from the B & B so copied and pasted the text I had written and went on the search for a WI-FI spot! Ended up outside a hotel on double yellows for about 2 mins while I signed in and pasted the writing. Carried on down to the beach car park and painted an 8” x 6” pochade painting of the south side of the beach as the sun was going down. The light was poor because of cloud though. Back to the B & B and had my supper and wrote my diary. This morning I am sat in Weatherspoons with their WI-FI having a J2 0. Thought I had best try to do it legally today!
Update on the day.. I have been to Cott Valley and Cape Cornwall this afternoon and did a couple of little paintings in the lovely sunshine. I might be just a little bit burnt on my legs but other than that, I have had a very satisfying day. Going to eat my sweet and sour chicken now.

Friday, 18 June 2010

8 days to go!

Right so this has to be a really quick blog tonight as the internet is dipping out a bit. I am down in Cornwall, been to Truro to see some pics in the museum there and then down to Penzance to see the exhibition at Penlee house. It was fantastic as usual with my favourite picture being "on the cliffs" by Frank Wright Bourdillon. It has great depth and colour and lighting to it with what I consider a really good composition. I don't know if there are any pics of it on the internet anywhere, I might try to find one later and put the link up if I find it. Was really naughty and bought MORE books from their shop - I just can't help myself! Anyway, nipping down to Sennen to see about doing a quick pochade painting or some sketching then coming back to my B & B for my supper. Missing Moss - he's at home with the housesitter probably being spoilt rotten. If the internet is still up later, I will try to post a picture later this evening.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

9 days to go.

We are now into the single figures for the countdown and I am beginning to wonder why I said I would do this! It's lovely and sunny here today which makes me think of being back in Spain. Last year myself and Glynis went to Cordoba to see the Feria de los Patios. It was absolutelly amazing the trouble the people in Cordoba went to to have the best patio. Here is just one of the many pics that I took. I am a great lover of red geraniums in the sun with white backgrounds.....

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

10 days to go!

Oh oh, nearly into single figures on the countdown..
Today after cleaning at work I did a couple of little pochade paintings. Because of the nature of oils having to dry before being posted out, I will use some of the pochade paintings that I have done within the last couple of months including the ones that I did today and the ones I will do in Devon next week. That way if anyone wishes to purchase one of the oils, I can probably send them out quite quickly rather than having to wait until they are at least touch dry. So oil paintings unless I state otherwise will have been done at least a few days prior to blogging. Pencil drawings and other mediums will mostly have been done on the day unless I have had a really good day and done 2 or 3 at once! It's all really aiming at not missing a new picture each and every day on the 100 days blog.
No picture today, I have so much to do this evening and its already 9pm and as I was up until 11 last night drawing the Spanish horse I am worn out!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

11 days to go

I will soon be singing 10 green bottles sitting on the wall ..... it will be 10 days tomorrow until the start. Got to try and work out properly how to get the pay button to work on the blog so it's easy for people to buy if they wish to do so.
Been busy continuing with the spanish horse today, got his mosquero done with all it's shadows so decided at 9.30 this evening that having been out to work since 8am it was time to finish for the day.
Todays picture: I took this at Christmas in 2008 up in the Highlands of Scotland. He is a totally wild stag but was incredibly tame in his manner. I was probably not more than 15 feet away from him and he didn't budge. Eventually I decided that I had got close enough to him as I didn't want it to get to the stage where he had to run off so I took a few (hundred) more pics of him and moved back to the car. The other stags he had with him were a bit more nervous and didn't want me that close and moved away. I have even got a photo of him "looking back" at me somewhere in the files - if I can find it I might do it for the 100 days.

Monday, 14 June 2010

12 days to go.

Time waits for no one as I am finding out only too quickly. I love clouds and am posting a pic I took a while back of what I thought was a lovely cloud - I might try to do some clouds for the 100 days as I doubt we will have clear blue skies throughout!
Done a full days cleaning and now back to work after my supper to continue with another Spanish horse for the SEA. Will leave the dishes until the morning and do the drawing before my eyes close. Anyone got some matchsticks I can use to prop them open?

Sunday, 13 June 2010

13 Days to go.

It's getting closer....

In the meantime here's an old commission I had to draw 4 Norfolk Terriers - I knew these little dogs very well and sadly only one is still alive now. I really enjoyed doing these as their characters were all so different.
The lunging picture is coming on well and that is what I have planned for the rest of the day.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Appleby foal triptych part 3


Ok, so here we have the third and final part of the Appleby Foal Triptych. Finished it yesterday night and have started a new SEA picture of a horse being lunged. I don't think I will post the next 3 drawings for the SEA so that there will be an element of surprise in the exhibition! You might have to make do with written updates and photographs until the 26th when I start the 100 days thing. Right, must carry on with the lunging picture.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Working on Appleby foal 3

Have spent the day working on the third Appleby foal, not finished yet but am going to carry on with it tonight and hopefully finish it before midnight. No photo today, have also been trying to get my head around Facebook....... I am definatelly not cut out to do computer things.
Quick update, it's 11pm and I have just finished the 3rd of the Appleby triptych. Phew, 3 completed drawings down, 3 to go for the SEA! Must work harder and play less (what am I saying? I hardly have time to play anyway!!!).
Can't photograph at this time of night so still no photo.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Appleby foal triptych part 2

Here is part 2 (the middle picture) of the Appleby Foal Triptych. Have started on the final part and need to get it done quickly. I have also posted a photo of the sky from my bedroom window the night before last, it was really stunning but changing so quickly that by the time I had gone downstairs to get the camera it had already lost some of it's beauty.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Decision made.

Right today I have made the decision to do a 100 pictures in 100 days for £100.00 or less in the run up to Somerset Art Weeks. It will start on June 26th and the final day will coincide with the last day of Somerset Art Weeks on 3rd October. My goodness, it sounds a long time when I put the dates down! It will be a challenge to get it done but hope to be able to rise to my own challenge! I will be doing pencil drawings, oil sketches from the pochade box, maybe some watercolours or charcoal sketches - who knows what will take my fancy. There will be all sorts of subjects from all types of animals to landscapes, seascapes, flowers and still lifes. I think that just about covers most of the things I like painting or drawing. All the pictures will be up for sale on a first come first served basis and all will be less (sometimes considerably less) than £100.00
I have to still try to get the drawings done for the SEA first though and the blog might lack drawings and paintings until the 26th June other than when I get the SEA stuff done. I will try to post interesting photos until then though. Don't forget the date 26th JUNE. Tell your friends to keep an eye open for it too.
Today's photo is of a fast and furious game of horseball that I watched whilst in Portugal a couple of years ago. Looking at this photo you would think that both the riders would have fallen off but neither of them did! It was like this the whole way through the game and quite unbelievable to watch how they reach out for the ball, grabbing at it and shoving each other out of the way to get to it. Totally bonkers I reckon and not something that I would fancy doing these days (maybe 25 years ago I might have tried it) but certainly not now!!!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Moss's new friend.

Here is Moss with his new pal - a Patterdale terrier. I will soon be posting more drawings and paintings but at the moment I only have time for posting photos. I will post drawings as soon as they are done but I am so busy at the moment I can barely keep up. Having changes of plans for entries to the SEA annual exhibition since being in Spain again. Basically changing one spanish horse for another!!! Still got lots to do as I only have 2 and a third drawings done and need to have 6 ready quite soon. Am so behind!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Another from Appleby

Here's a good one of 2 riders being ditched in the river at Appleby. Woke up this morning and felt really rough. I was just so tired I couldn't believe it. I have to admit I actually think I overdid it this weekend. Been at work today and been downloading more pictures. Worn out!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Painting on Saturday.

On Saturday we went to Malcolm's for a painting day. The weather was lovely so we had to choose somewhere (or something) outside to paint. I did 3 little pochade paintings as my neck was hurting and I couldn't face standing up to a box easel. Here is one I did of one of my friends before she packed up her stuff! She will probably get her revenge on me by posting a photo she took of me on Saturday! It was done quite quickly as I couldn't get the result I wanted with the previous painting so gave up on that one and did this instead! Went to a pony show with Glynis today and took a number of photos - all in the rain which got heavier and heavier and colder and colder as the day went on! I left before lunch to come back home as I have rather a lot to sort out!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Appleby Photos.

After a hectic day yesterday and going to paint at Malcolm's today with a couple of friends I have finally managed to sort out a couple of photos of what I typically think of as being Appleby Horse Fair. There's a trotting one, a bow top caravan and some in the river by the bridge.
Did 3 little pochade paintings today in oils. The weather was kind to us again so we were outside painting today. It was great fun.

Friday, 4 June 2010

What a day!

Heavens above. We got up at 4am, left at 5am for Glasgow, went to 2 exhibitions of the Glasgow boys there and then in our wisdom decided we would also go across to Edinburgh to see an exhibition there too. We eventually left there at about 6.30pm and got back to Tadcaster at about 10.30pm. So tired and neck so sore that this really is a quick little blog with no pics again. Sorry! Hopefully tomorrow though there will be pictures!
Saw a friend of ours (Alan Langford) hitching on the A66 to Appleby from the New Forest in the south! We were going the other way but beeped my horn at him and although he looked round I don't think he realised it was us. Very funny how we all travel around so much to see things!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Appleby Horse Fair

Today myself and Glynis went up to Appleby to watch the gypsy ponies doing various things. We saw them pacing in harness, being washed and swum in the river, tethered up all over the place and quite a few very tiny foals. Saw several dun coloured horses and ponies (probably my favourite colour of equine). Here are 2 pictures of me with 2 different dun coloured ponies courtesy of Glynis who took them for me.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Catching the bunny!

Ha ha, today after work I drove up to Glynis's house for the weekend. The first job I had to do was catch a little baby bunny which had been brought in by one of the cats - alive! It had a little white stripe on it's forehead and I have to say it looked quite cute. I did manage to get hold of the little wriggler and Glynis insisted that we set it free. We didn't think to take a photo of it until after we had let it go. Appleby tomorrow so hopefully will have some photos for you all tomorrow.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Very quick tonight

A very quick one as I am packing ready to go to Yorkshire. Am trying to get all my art stuff into the car tonight but it probably won't happen. No pics tonight, no time!!!