Monday, 1 March 2010

Tiffanie in progress 1

So here is a picture of her in progress. She's not my cat, she is one of 2 Tiffanies that I drew together as a commission a couple of years ago. They are real beauties though and their tails are just amazing. I took the photos whilst they were still quite young so their coats hadn't fully grown then. I have seen them more recently and they are really really fluffy now - much more hair around the neck like a lions mane! So beautiful and lovely shaded coats.
I work in what some artists would say is a wrong way in that with my pencil drawings I always start from the top and work down, this is primarily to avoid smudging. I draw out a guideline to work to and then basically fill in. With the oil sketches/ paintings I do, I tend to work the whole picture at once - adding and taking bits away all over the place, for me it is 2 totally different methods.
It doesn't bother me what people say about the method being wrong, I always say that if it works for you then why change it? After all, most of the time it is about the end result in my opinion.

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