Monday, 22 February 2010

A journey back in time. (Part 1)

I came across a folder with some of my old art work from school days this afternoon and I thought it might be fun to share a trip back in time here on my blog. Today's picture was a project my teacher set for me where we had to change an everyday item into something else. I always used to draw horses all the time so he picked a set of keys for me and warned me... "and don't try to turn them into a horse!". Of course I could see nothing but a horse in that set of keys that day but he was a very good teacher in that he didn't tell me off for doing it, he just laughed and said "well I suppose it was to be expected". I will try to post some other really old stuff over the next couple of weeks, I would like to think that although there is still a great deal of improvement for me to still make in my art work that I have improved a bit since 1983 when I did this drawing!

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