Sunday, 14 February 2010

Weekend of still life painting.

Well this weekend I spent Saturday and Sunday with half a dozen friends at Malcolm Coward's studio still life painting. We had a most fantastic bronze bull with a very large tall patterned vase with an orangey red coloured table cloth and a white cloth backdrop. It was rather challenging but a really lovely still life to paint (in fact one of my favourites so far). It is too late to post any photos tonight as I can't photograph the pictures inside under false light very well especially whilst they are still wet! I will endevour to post them tomorrow. Malcolm is a very well respected and well known artist, especially known for painting horses but he paints all sorts of other subjects as well. I have always said that I will only have someone teaching me whose work I admire and aspire to be able to work like, well Malcolm is about the best oil painter I know and we (myself and my friends) are very lucky to have him teach us. I have someone else for sculpture (although I don't have any spare time at the moment for that medium as oils are taking priority over everything else other than my pencil drawings). I also have someone else who I admire to teach me watercolours. I believe it is very important to choose your tutors wisely because if you choose someone who you either don't like or don't like their work, I see little point in the exercise. And now it's late so it's definatelly bed time for me!

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