Saturday, 13 February 2010

Pictures from yesterdays jaunt.

Ah ha, I have managed to download onto Glynis's computer so today we have some of the very latest pictures on! One is from lifedrawing, again it's only a sketch not a proper painting. It's a 6" x 8" on mdf board. Another is the place we stopped to paint the landscape - I had to sit in a very difficult position to do this with the car door open which I had to keep closing every time a car came by incase they took the door off! Didn't do my neck any favours I have to say but I enjoyed sketching it none the less especially once the pheasants starting coming out! The other picture is of Robin Furness painting at lifedrawing. It was lovely to see Robin again, he was trained and helped by Tom Carr and Peter Biegel, his style is reminicent of Lionel Edwards. I have been lucky to know Robin for a number of years now and love listening to him telling us about different artists. He is one very knowledgable and interesting chap.


  1. Great watercolour of the pheasants at Sleningford but I think you got you location confused. It looks like Mount Fuji (with it's Japanese winter snow cap!) in the distance.

  2. Hi, thanks for your comment Paul. The bit that looks a bit snowcap like is actually distant trees but I do see what you mean!


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