Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A journey back in time. (Part 2)

So today I have been out at work (I do some cleaning/housekeeping for a regular income) so not been drawing or painting today. I have added some more pictures here from my school days. These are some shells that I would have gathered from the nearby beach. I used to collect lots of bits and pieces nature wise and I still find it hard to resist picking shells or pretty stones up on beaches! It was nearly always horses I drew but on occasion under pressure from the teachers, I sometimes drew things from nature. So today it is a colour pencil study of shells on coloured card. I think I would have been 13 ish at the time, there's no date so I can't remember. NOW I KNOW why teachers used to be so particular about dating work in school - it's so that 30 odd years on you will know when you did it! (If you are lucky like me and even kept some of them!).

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