Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Day 46 - Sheep in snow.

Title: Sheep in snow.
Price: £65.00 (includes postage within UK, for other destinations please contact me)
Medium: Pencil on heavyweight cartridge.
Size: 16cm x 9.5cm

Having done a snowy scene for my xmas card (you haven't seen it yet..) I decided to do another snowy scene, this time of 3 hardy sheep in the snow up in Yorkshire. It's another one of those pictures that might be quite nice in oils too because of the colours in the snow with the light and shadows. Not sure what breed these are but they have to be quite hardy to survive the Yorkshire winters! I have also added some pictures of my pochade box on the page of changes here on the blog, do take a look.

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  1. it is a beautiful little card, i can't believe you have done all of this in one day. I agree, it would be nice in oils too.

  2. Thank you Joey. It is only a very small little drawing hence I got it done today. I will try it in oils someday hopefully soon! Someone on Facebook suggested that I use it as a xmas card but I think it will stay as a drawing for the moment as I already have another one in watercolours lined up for this years xmas card! :D


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