Sunday, 1 August 2010

Day 37 - Doma Vaquera Mini 2

Title: Doma Vaquera Mini 2
Price: £50.00
Medium: Graphite pencil on heavyweight cartridge paper.
Size: 12cm x 13cm approx.
Here is part 2 of the Mini Doma Vaquera series. I am already working on part 3 so hope to post that tomorrow! I wouldn't normally draw a horse going onto it's fore leg like this but the position of the horse and rider made a good shape and nice negative shapes too so I thought I would just go for it! I am putting the sizes of these as approximate because if any body should want to buy more than one in the series they can have them framed up at the same sizes. I have left space around these 2 and will leave space around the others so that they too can be part of a set if necessary.
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