Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Day 40 - 4. Francisco de Paula Ortega on Taco Taco.

Title: Doma Vaquera mini 4..
Price: £50.00 (includes postage within UK, for other destinations please contact me)
Medium: Pencil on heavyweight cartridge paper
Size: 10cm x 15cm
Finally got the mini number 4 finished today after work. This is Francisco de Paula Ortega riding Taco Taco in Jerez in 2009 (I think!). This guy rides with such ease and his horses look so relaxed when he rides them and to top it off, not only is his horse a good looker...... so is Francisco! :D I will be doing a few more of him and I may do a larger version of this one at some time in a different medium as I love the shape it makes. I will put a couple of photos of them up on the page of changes later. Afraid I don't do Francisco justice in my drawing but it's really difficult to get a likeness when his face is less than 1cm deep in total on the drawing!
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