Monday, 29 March 2010

Weekend workshop

Well, it really was a very interesting and fun weekend. I nearly split my sides laughing at how rubbish my paintings were, Malcolm and Glynis nearly died laughing at them too! Poor lass who was modelling for us - I have no idea what she must have thought of us and our paintings. I will definatelly have to practise pretty young girls more often! This grey painting in oil was to see if I could do any better than in colour (the answer clearly is no) but it was a good exercise to see the tonal values of the models face. I had the journey from hell on the way home, sat on the A1 for half an hour waiting to get to the A57, then some stupid Eddie Stobart lorry decided he would ignore all the signs telling him that there was a low bridge coming and of course he got stuck under it! Then I eventually got to the M1 to find that the junction I wanted to get on at was closed as there were power cables down on the road, spent about an hour trying to get to the next junction, then to cap it off when I was on the M5 there were signs telling me that it was closed further down...... I got home at about 11.45pm in the end and was absolutelly worn out! But what a great time away, my sides still hurt today from all the laughing. PS. Been trying to upload another image but it is being very unco-operative tonight so will try to post it tomorrow with maybe some of the sketches if I am home in time to photograph them in decent light.


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