Sunday, 21 March 2010

Back to the Rejoneador.

I have had another play with part 1 of Rejoneador triptych. Bit happier with it now although I might just have another little fiddle with it. Have started the middle part of the triptych now.
Really excited today as myself and a friend are going to meet John Rattenbury Skeapings son in April and I have just finalised the arrangements. I love his works both the sculptures and the drawings/paintings that he did. I was lucky enough to be left a Skeaping (I admit it's only a print and not an original) and I absolutelly love it. It is also of a rejoneador and was in pastel originally. I have also attached a photo of it. His work is so very different to mine in the looseness of it. (Incidentally, there is glass shine in this photo of Skeapings picture so you have to ignore that!

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