Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A journey back in time. (Part 3)

Well, it's been cleaning today so no drawing or painting so far. I might do a bit tonight if I get the chance and can keep my eyes open! Todays picture: we are going back to I think 1983 school days. I was supposed to be doing just a few studies of sycamore seeds but hey, why draw sycamore seeds when you can be drawing animals! Actually, my art teachers were all really great, sadly one passed away a few years ago and he was the one who used to let me skyve off biology to go and sit in his art class with whatever year happened to be in there. He used to have a big screen thing in his class and whenever I turned up unannounced I was put behind the screen so that if any of the other teachers came in they wouldn't see me. Bless him! I never did do the biology "O" level! :D But I did get an A plus in art!!!

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