Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Quarter Horse

The lady who commissioned me to draw her quarter horse has just been and collected her drawing so I can now post it on here for all to see. This was an A3 sized portrait of the horse but in a the more unusual format of landscape to get his neck into the picture!
I am going to be starting a triptych of a Spanish horse and rider next for the London exhibition of The Society of Equestrian Artists. Will keep you posted on how it's going, hopefully with some progress pictures if I remember to photograph them!


  1. Beautiful! Can't wait to see the triptych, sounds really interesting. I am so excited about the SEA exhibition this year, can't wait to see it regardless of whether I manage to get anything in or not!

  2. I am actually going to do a quick different drawing before the triptych I have decided. I am going to teach at Lyme Regis art group tomorrow morning so will need to have one as a demo, not sure which one to do yet but will sort that out later!
    I always look forward to the SEA exhibition - partly because I enjoy handing in day where I get to see some friends I have made over the years within the SEA. Must get some drawings done for it though!!


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