Monday, 22 March 2010

In memory of Polly.

Well today I learnt that a lovely grey mare that I drew before Christmas sadly passed away at the weekend. When I spoke to the co-owner of Polly, she said how glad she was that the drawing had been done before she passed on. They now of course have something unique to remember her by. She was a really sweet gentle mare. Here is the picture that I did of her. So it's a good bye from me to Polly, I hope she rests in peace.


  1. Thank you Cathy, she was a great little hunter, and is greatly missed, no more is she the first one I see when I open my bedroom curtains, and nor do I hear the clatter of her hooves as she dashes to the door as I walk by the stables - she truly had to always know what was going on!
    You captured her in detail only the owner could know and love, melanomas and all, sadly her downfall.
    You have a talent that is so rare, keep drawing always
    Thank you and with best wishes

  2. Thanks Joe, I am just so glad I knew her and saw her happy after her homeopathy.. A very sad loss.


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