Friday, 19 March 2010

Black and white watercolours.

Here's a little project that a chap called Ron Jesty set me at one of his watercolour classes. We were told to bring in white objects, white watercolour paper and black watercolour paint. That other than water, was all we were allowed to use and here are the 2 paintings that I did with my black paint and white paper.
No drawing getting done again today, the cupboards are now finished (other than painting them but I just can't bare that again today) so I am putting all the clothes and bedding etc away. No doubt I will have to move it all around until I get used to having so much storage space all of a sudden after having none! I also have to go to Asda (worst task of the week for me) as I have run out of everything - even milk. What a bore.

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