Thursday, 11 March 2010

A journey back in time. (Part 4)

Well although I have been busy drawing the rejoneador again today and plan to continue this evening, I haven't had a chance to photograph the progress so far. So here is another journey back in time:
I have a good laugh when I look back at these :D The one with the horses head looking to the left was a preparatory work for the one on the right! I decided to change the direction of the horses head to make it easier to see the seahorse. This one I used as my "O" level piece (this was the prep for it and not the final one as we didn't get our art work back from exams in those days!). I can't remember now but I don't suppose the end result would have been much different to the prep one. This was for designing a book cover and of course it just had to be horses yet again! This was only a part of our exam and it did earn me an A. (I am not sure how to be honest but there you go! - clearly the judges didn't know about horses conformation etc!)

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