Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A manic day!

Goodness, it's been manic one way or another today. I have been out cleaning and came home to the kitchen being worked on and one or two other problems that I have had to sort out so today we will go back in time again......
This is a sculpture that was commissioned by Julip Model Horses a while back. It wasn't to be in too much detail and had to be a particular size to fit the tack and stables that goes with the range. This one is still available in black I believe and is called Diablo. http://www.juliphorses.com/shop/index.phpcPath=33&osCsid=3mb431v1fcjc00i07no244di51
I think if you copy and paste this address above into your address bar it will come up with the correct page. He's the second row down and in the middle. I also sculpted the Irish Draught Horse which can be seen on the Originals gallery page at
They are in alphabetical order so if you hover the arrow over the pictures you will come to Irish Draught. The Diablo one is also on this page a bit lower down called Lippizaner. It was great fun doing these and lovely to see them on the Julip site.


  1. I had a Julip horse as a child! It was a Palamino thing and it was beautiful with lovely leather tack! Very well played with toy! How cool that you sculpted a few of them Cathy! Didn't realise they were still going!

  2. PS have you seen the Spanish horse Sally Martin painted yesterday? I am in love with with it but really can't afford to buy any more!!!!

  3. Yep, Julip are still going strong (they are down here in this area) Yes, also saw the Spanish horse but what about that Arab she painted the day before!! Wow.

  4. I also had some of the Julip horses when I was little. Hadn't realised you did sculpture as well you are multi- talented.


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