Sunday, 14 March 2010

Painting with a difference!

Well there's no pictures today. I have been painting but not the sort of painting that I want to do! I am having a couple of new cupboards put up in the bedroom so decided in my wisdom to paint the walls at the back (they are open backed cupboards) so that they are nice and fresh to look at. I absolutelly hate house decorating and have only done the bit that the cupboards are going to be on but I will then have to decorate the rest of the room too........ Oh to employ a decorator!

An update to today at 6.15pm.... Oh dear, how I wish I hadn't done the decorating. My shoulders, neck and arms are really paying for it now. Stupid thing to do. Been trying to do the Spanish horse head and not getting very far very fast as I keep having to lie flat on the floor for relief every half hour!! What a nuisance. GRRRRR .

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