Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pino the artist books.

I was just a bit naughty the other day and bought 2 books on Pino (Contemporary Realism and Timeless Visions). They are great books with lots and lots of pictures in, how I wish I could paint like him. His inspiration was/is the spanish painter Joaquin Sorolla and John Singer Sargent (also 2 of my favourite artists). Anyway, I just had to treat myself to these books :)
Been out doing my other work today and at one of the houses I go to they have just acquired some alpacas. I wish I had had my camera with me! Anyway it doesn't really matter because they are at the same place as my studio so I only have to walk round the corner out of my studio door and there they are...... expect to see some Alpaca paintings and drawings here at some point (probably after the bulk of the commissions are done). I will upload a couple of photos of the Pino books later (Blogger uploading is out of action until about 7pm). Doubt I will get any drawing done today - my nose will be firmly planted in the two Pino books!!

I have just learned that this chap sadly died in May this year.... I was hoping to follow his new works but seems not now. Shame such talent has to leave us.... Sad.

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