Saturday, 2 October 2010

Day 99 - Semental de Yeguada Cartuja

Title: Semental de Yeguada Cartuja.
Price: £70.00 (includes postage within UK, for other destinations please contact me)
Medium: Pencil
Size: Approx. 11cm x 7cm (forgot to bring the sizes home with me tonight so guessing an approx size for tonight just to get it blogged!)

I had to do another Spanish horse for my blog in the closing days of the project and I had to keep it small to enable me to get on with the day 10 picture. After finishing today’s I continued to draw Day 100 when a lady came in and saw the picture (only three quarters finished) and decided that she wanted to buy it – which means that Day 100 will be going up on the blog as already sold!

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