Sunday, 3 October 2010

Day 100 - The end of the day(s)

Title: The end of the day(s).
Price: £100.00 SOLD (includes postage within UK, for other destinations please contact me)
Medium: Pencil
Size: 12cm x 18.5cm
It’s the end of the day for these hounds after a day’s hunting and it’s the end of the 100 days challenge! I started this drawing on Tuesday as I knew it was going to take longer than 1 day to do and I actually managed to finish it yesterday. While I was only three quarters of the way through the drawing a lady came in and liked it so much (even unfinished) that she has already bought it which means that I can’t offer it for sale here on the blog! Delighted to have sold it before it was even finished!
So here I am at the end of the 100 pictures in 100 days for £100 or less project. I have had days when I have really enjoyed it, days I wished that I had never started it and it has absolutelly worn me out! I mangaged to not miss a day but one of the hardest challenges was to get the internet each day to be able to blog it and it became an obsession to get it on the internet before midnight each day! Some days were cut a bit fine time wise and others I blogged early in the day for example when I had travelling to do. I intend to still try to blog every day but I won’t be continuing at the moment with a picture a day as I have several commissions to work on now. The 100 days has taught me to be disciplined, to plan ahead, to think about different subject matters, some days drawings were used as a trial for larger drawings later on (some of the blog pictures will definatelly be made much larger for exhibition pieces and some I decided just won’t work as large drawings). I’ve learnt not to give up on the computer when it wasn’t working properly – I have had to make it work each day and I hate playing with computers! I hope you have enjoyed following my journey and that you will continue to watch my blog to see what I am up to! Thanks to everyone who watched, commented and supported me here on the blog and also on Facebook.
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