Sunday, 3 October 2010

All over!

I packed up most of the stuff from Somerset Art Weeks tonight and felt a little sad that it is over even though I am worn out. I loved being over at Dorseframe, the people who own it are so lovely and I really enjoyed their company through the fortnight. The good thing is that I keep going back for all my framing and mounting so won't be losing touch with them and they have also kept all of the framed pencil drawings for viewing and to fill their wall space for a while. It's great as I have no wall space left in my house and it saves me looking for a home for it all! Bad thing though, I fell off a chair whilst dismantling the exhibition and I think I sprained or strained my ankle and it feels a bit hot at the moment! Sure it will be fine by tomorrow though. Now it's into the commissions but I will try to continue blogging every day be it just a quick hello, or photos or something else I have done.

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