Thursday, 14 October 2010

The naughty ones!

Right, haven't got much done with regard to the drawing today, hope to get onto it tonight but won't be able to photograph it later. Didn't get back to it last night either. So instead, today I am posting some photos of "naughty" horses and ponies! My apologies if anyone recognises themselves in this little naughty gallery but I think they are hilarious! I hasten to add that none of the riders fell off to my knowledge! Enjoy.
Top one: at Newmarket.
2nd and 3rd: warm up ring for dressage!
4th: Portugal lunging nicely!
5th: Not doing quite what we are supposed to be doing (I will post a lovely one of this pony another day just to prove it can be very well behaved!)
6th: Getting impatient tied to the lorry!

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