Thursday, 7 October 2010

Missed a day on the blog!

Well I didn't get home in time to blog yesterday. During the morning I was out at work and in the afternoon after a hospital appointment I drove down to Devon to see the Sally Mitchell Fine Arts travelling exhibition. It was really good and I have to say I succumbed to a little picture as I couldn't resist it! Had a great evening with some great people even though it was very late when I got back home. Today has been a really maddening day so far.... wanted a lie in but things kept waking me up which made me get out of bed the wrong side! Searched half the morning for my car keys only to find they were in the pocket of the trousers I am wearing and searched for my diary the other half of the morning only to find it in a coat pocket..... what a waste of a day so far!! Looking forward to having all the rubbish cleared up in the house so that I can get on with these commissions I have... :)

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