Friday, 23 July 2010

Day 28 - Siamese portrait.

Title: Siamese Portrait.
Price: £80.00 (price includes postage & packing within UK - please contact me for other destinations)
Medium: Graphite pencil on heavyweight cartridge paper.
Size: 12.5cm x 18cm

An early one this morning - have just finished him and taken the photos. Going out for a long day today so thought I best blog now instead of later. This Siamese belongs to a friend of mine and his "proper" name is Sir Alfred Munnings" ! His pet name is Alfie. He is the first Siamese that I have really got to know and he is VERY vocal and always up to mischief doing things like creating avalanches in the house or killing the bantams! (thankfully he seems to have stopped doing that now!). He also likes to bring things into the house alive and then let them go! Naughty boy.

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