Thursday, 15 July 2010

Day 20 - Spanish Looking Back

Title: Spanish Looking Back.
Price: £50.00 (price includes postage & packing within UK - please contact me for other destinations)
Medium: Graphite pencil on heavyweight cartridge paper.
Size: 11cm x 11cm


This lovely Andalucian stallion was at a show in Spain that I went to a couple of years ago. He was tied up with several other stallions in a yard and was so calm but being quite nosey compared to the other horses who were falling asleep in the heat of the day. This is one of my favourite poses to draw horses in particular although I have done several other animals doing the "looking back" pose too. Just a bit of insignificant information now, in Spain they spell Andalucia with a "c" but in America they spell it with a "s" where the c would go in Spanish. It is pronounced Andaloothea as the i actually should have an accent over it. So there is your useless bit of information for the day!!! I am trying to work to keep the 100 days going at the same time as trying to get some cat drawings done for the Society of Feline Artists exhibition in London next month and I have also just had some more commissions come in so it's busy busy busy just now. Day 7 of the 100 days sold today, thank you to the new owner.

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