Thursday, 8 July 2010

Day 13 - Dartmoor Again.

Title: Dartmoor bridge.
Price: £65.00 (price includes postage & packing within UK - please contact me for other destinations)
Medium: Oil on board
Size: 6" x 8"

Wasn't sure if I was going to get home in time to blog tonight and was actually starting to worry about it!! I have been down to Dartmoor today with my parents and to meet an old friend who is down from Scotland. I did 2 paintings on Dartmoor today - this one of one of the bridges at Two Bridges (with my Dad sat on the top of the bridge!). The other is of Haytor which I will possibly post tomorrow. I took some wonderful foally pictures again today even though the light wasn't at its best. I did also come across MY foal which I made friends with the last time I was on the Moor, she wanted to play with me today but I wouldn't let her as I didn't have much in the way of protection in the clothing direction! She is such a sweet little lass. We ate on the way home, hence the reason I am so late tonight. Whilst writing this I am downloading the photos of the painting too and making the paypal button and now the download from the camera is messing about. Right got it here now, with only half an hour to spare until midnight! Whew!

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