Saturday, 19 June 2010

ONE week from today!

Here are 2 photos from yesterday, one of my favourite places - Sennen Cove in the evening and one of Sage, one of the dogs at my B & B. He is so sweet but his pal Peggy is lovely too, I think that Peggy is glad that Moss isn't here with me though.Last night ended up not being able to blog from the B & B so copied and pasted the text I had written and went on the search for a WI-FI spot! Ended up outside a hotel on double yellows for about 2 mins while I signed in and pasted the writing. Carried on down to the beach car park and painted an 8” x 6” pochade painting of the south side of the beach as the sun was going down. The light was poor because of cloud though. Back to the B & B and had my supper and wrote my diary. This morning I am sat in Weatherspoons with their WI-FI having a J2 0. Thought I had best try to do it legally today!
Update on the day.. I have been to Cott Valley and Cape Cornwall this afternoon and did a couple of little paintings in the lovely sunshine. I might be just a little bit burnt on my legs but other than that, I have had a very satisfying day. Going to eat my sweet and sour chicken now.

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