Monday, 28 June 2010

DAY 3 of the 100 days - Cornish Rocks

DAY 3.
Welcome to the 3rd day of my 100 pictures in 100 days project. Each day I will post a new small picture here on my blog.

Title: Cornish Coast.
Price: £70.00 (price includes postage & packing within UK - please contact me for other destinations)
Medium: Oil on board.
Size: 8" x 6"

I have been out all day today so today we have an oil that I did in Cornwall. It is of a piece of the very southernly Cornish Coast and I had been painting another scene for a while when I decided it was tea time and I wanted to pack up. I still had a bit of paint on the palette and decided to give myself just 5 minutes to use it up! It took around 5 minutes and I felt that it remained nice and fresh. I also wanted to do a more simplified picture, hence the time limit on it! I was pleased with the result and the simplicity of it and it really is rather different to my normal works, not just the pencil drawings but the oils too. I normally get much more tied up with the picture than this.

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  1. Hi Cathy, well done for starting the 100 days project!! Looking forward to seeing them all!

    Where were you in this one - is that anywhere near Minack area?

  2. Thanks Katy. This is about 10 miles from Minack (up northwards and round the coast a bit) It's at a place called Cape Cornwall, a really lovely spot to paint at even if the weather is bad as you can even paint from in the car if you want to!


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