Wednesday, 16 June 2010

10 days to go!

Oh oh, nearly into single figures on the countdown..
Today after cleaning at work I did a couple of little pochade paintings. Because of the nature of oils having to dry before being posted out, I will use some of the pochade paintings that I have done within the last couple of months including the ones that I did today and the ones I will do in Devon next week. That way if anyone wishes to purchase one of the oils, I can probably send them out quite quickly rather than having to wait until they are at least touch dry. So oil paintings unless I state otherwise will have been done at least a few days prior to blogging. Pencil drawings and other mediums will mostly have been done on the day unless I have had a really good day and done 2 or 3 at once! It's all really aiming at not missing a new picture each and every day on the 100 days blog.
No picture today, I have so much to do this evening and its already 9pm and as I was up until 11 last night drawing the Spanish horse I am worn out!

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