Tuesday, 15 June 2010

11 days to go

I will soon be singing 10 green bottles sitting on the wall ..... it will be 10 days tomorrow until the start. Got to try and work out properly how to get the pay button to work on the blog so it's easy for people to buy if they wish to do so.
Been busy continuing with the spanish horse today, got his mosquero done with all it's shadows so decided at 9.30 this evening that having been out to work since 8am it was time to finish for the day.
Todays picture: I took this at Christmas in 2008 up in the Highlands of Scotland. He is a totally wild stag but was incredibly tame in his manner. I was probably not more than 15 feet away from him and he didn't budge. Eventually I decided that I had got close enough to him as I didn't want it to get to the stage where he had to run off so I took a few (hundred) more pics of him and moved back to the car. The other stags he had with him were a bit more nervous and didn't want me that close and moved away. I have even got a photo of him "looking back" at me somewhere in the files - if I can find it I might do it for the 100 days.

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