Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Decision made.

Right today I have made the decision to do a 100 pictures in 100 days for £100.00 or less in the run up to Somerset Art Weeks. It will start on June 26th and the final day will coincide with the last day of Somerset Art Weeks on 3rd October. My goodness, it sounds a long time when I put the dates down! It will be a challenge to get it done but hope to be able to rise to my own challenge! I will be doing pencil drawings, oil sketches from the pochade box, maybe some watercolours or charcoal sketches - who knows what will take my fancy. There will be all sorts of subjects from all types of animals to landscapes, seascapes, flowers and still lifes. I think that just about covers most of the things I like painting or drawing. All the pictures will be up for sale on a first come first served basis and all will be less (sometimes considerably less) than £100.00
I have to still try to get the drawings done for the SEA first though and the blog might lack drawings and paintings until the 26th June other than when I get the SEA stuff done. I will try to post interesting photos until then though. Don't forget the date 26th JUNE. Tell your friends to keep an eye open for it too.
Today's photo is of a fast and furious game of horseball that I watched whilst in Portugal a couple of years ago. Looking at this photo you would think that both the riders would have fallen off but neither of them did! It was like this the whole way through the game and quite unbelievable to watch how they reach out for the ball, grabbing at it and shoving each other out of the way to get to it. Totally bonkers I reckon and not something that I would fancy doing these days (maybe 25 years ago I might have tried it) but certainly not now!!!


  1. Well done on deciding to go for it!

    Look forward to seeing the 100....

  2. Thanks Katy, I am quite looking forward to it myself if only I could get the SEA works sorted out first! It will be a busy time so won't have much time for anything else really and will have to utilise every moment of every day!


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