Tuesday, 29 June 2010

DAY 4 of the 100 days - Arabian Horse

DAY 4.
Updated on 30th June - the sketch with the black headcollar on is a second picture I did of this horse. The buyer will have the choice of either painting. Please state clearly whether you want original red headcollar or new black headcollar. Black headcollar is approx 4" square.

Title: Arab Watercolour Sketch.
Price: £30.00 (price includes postage & packing within UK - please contact me for other destinations)
Medium: Watercolour on paper. (please note that the colours in the photo are slightly darker than the real thing, I found it very hard to get an exact likeness)
Size: 13cm x 9cm

To purchase, click button above or via the contacts page on her other website www.equinart.co.uk for any enquiries relating to this picture.

I have just finished this little diddy watercolour of an Arab head. I am a bit later tonight as I have been out at work all day as well. This was really an exercise in colour and not making mud and not quite so much about the correct anatomy of the horse, although, it is in my favourite looking back pose too. I will probably paint this horse again in oils and maybe do one in graphite but really it is the colour of it I like so much. This Arab was a champion at a Spanish show I went to a couple of years ago. I am not very used to watercolours so I hope to improve as time goes on and hopefully during the 100 days. I have also realised that I need to get some white of some sort to touch in small areas that should have been left as white paper. Part of the reason I decided to do this 100 days was to make myself do things I don't normally do!
Delighted today as the Society of Women Artists rang me to tell me that I have won a prize for my Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hounds drawing - £200 worth of paper from St. Cuthberts Mill. Brilliant as I will be able to practise more watercolours in bigger sizes without worrying about the cost of the paper!!!

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  1. Well done with the watercolour!

    ref the white - I find watercolour Titanium white works quite well for small corrections (better than Chinese white) and not as obvious as putting gouache / acrylic on.

    Congrats on the prize! Hope you get the sale on that one too (for more reasons than one....)

  2. Thanks Katy, I did another one last night of the same but not sure if I like it better or not so am leaving this one on here for the moment. I will get some T.White then as I have no idea which I should have got anyway. Yes, I hope that pic sells too, it's too big for my house for one thing!

  3. Well done for winning the prize, and very well deserved \o/ I enjoyed looking after that drawing for a while and being able to pretend it was mine :)

  4. Thanks Mary, I really should do some BIG watercolours now as I can have BIG paper! You could always buy a print of it u know!!!!


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