Thursday, 9 September 2010

Day 76 - 3 Sorraias in Harness

Title: 3 Sorraias in Harness.
Price: £95.00 (includes postage within UK, for other destinations please contact me)
Medium: Pencil on heavyweight cartridge.
Size: 18.5cm x 13.5cm
Phew, this was a bit ambitious for a blog picture. It is such a complex subject but I have achieved what I wanted to and that was to see what it would be like as a drawing and whether to bother doing a rather larger version of it. I have decided that I will be doing a much bigger version (it will be one of those pictures that takes forever but I think it will be effective!) These 3 Sorraias I saw whilst in Portugal at Golega horse fair. They are a very old breed with some very old characteristics, their colour is similar to the Tarpan and they have striped zebra markings on their legs and dorsal stripes along their backs. Although the size of ponies, they are really more like horses and are believed to be ancestors of today’s Iberian Horse. I would like to see more of these so another trip to Portugal will be on the cards at some time or another!!
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