Friday, 9 April 2010

Such an exciting day.

Myself and my friend Debbie set off to meet John Skeaping's son today. We chatted over coffee and carrot cake about John and his work. It was such an exciting and intriguing visit. For me, meeting a (very) direct descendant of such a wonderful artist brings me up in goosebumps. It was a visit I will never forget. On the way home we stopped to sketch some ponies and eventually I got the pochade box out and painted a little scene of a pony in the landscape. It's a 6" x 8" sketch again on MDF and I have to admit, I think it took me longer than the half hour that I had told Debbie I would be! The ponies gathered round us at one point and I think Debbie got some pictures of the ponies inspecting my work, when she sends them across to me on email, I will put one up on here. I should imagine they will be quite fun photos!

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