Friday, 2 April 2010

Rejoneador triptych part 2.

I have finally set to the Rejoneador triptych again. This is the middle picture of the 3 but I have to say the light here isn't good today so the photo isn't so good either! I have also been painting the bedroom again with a friend who is staying with me, it's great to have some help. Arms are nearly dead!! Hopefully will get back to this drawing again tomorrow and maybe even do a bit tonight.
I have now booked my flights to Spain (have I already told you that? - I can't remember!). Managed to find a corrida de rejones which is on at the same time as I am down there and I plan to make a few visits to a couple of people I have made friends with in the past. So exciting to know that the flights and accomodation are now booked, just got to book the hire car and the carpark over here. I won't do that yet incase Ryanair change the dates like they did last time I went to Spain and it was a terrible rigmarole to change everything to fit in!

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