Thursday, 1 April 2010

Decorating again!

Today I have been decorating the bedroom cupboards and the only work I did in the studio was painting some of the doors for the wardrobe!!! Today's picture is one I promised to upload a couple of days ago, another one of the pretty girl (who's not so pretty in my painting and had her head wiped off the board and repainted about 20 times!) from the weekend at Malcolms.
The kitchen sink blocked today and when the chap came to unblock it I had to hold a cap on a pipe and he had to hold this can of stuff down against the plug whilst holding the other plug hard into the half sink. Well, the stuff he used had so much pressure in it that it caused something that can only be described as an explosion! There was so much pressure from the can that it actually blew the half sink plug up into the air narrowly missing the ceiling and I got all wet ant when I looked up at the chap, he was dripping wet! It was actually really funny. (Warped sense of humour that I have!).

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