Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Covered in gloss paint!

The only painting I got near today was the cupboard doors for my wardrobe which I had taken up to the studio to gloss paint them. I foolishly thought they had dried and collected them up, put them in the car - realised that some of the paint had dripped onto the back of the doors and was still wet! It's all over the car seats, my pochade box, my mabef (neither of them matter really as they are covered in oil paint anyway). I also managed to get it all over my favourite (all being a working) coat! Anyway, once home and after dumping the still slightly wet doors on a dust sheet on the spare bed I thought I ought to tackle cleaning the coat up a bit. It did eventually become cleaner and then went through the wash. I believe that it's saving grace was that the coat was so dirty anyway the paint couldn't penetrate into the coat and it all came off with the dirt in the wash! A lesson to be learnt there...... keep your clothes dirty!!!! :) Did alot of sketches of Moss last night in the sketch book before going to bed. No chance today to photograph them though as I have also been out cleaning all day again. Tomorrow I am at home or in the studio and doing proper art work! Am very much looking forward to it. Also decided today that I must try harder with painting people, maybe I will try a self portrait - it won't matter if I'm ugly in it as I won't be offending anyone - not even myself!!!!

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