Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Me painting in Cornwall with my dog. / Me pintura en Cornwall con mi perro.

This is me and my most faithful friend Moss the Border Collie. I was doing an oil painting sketch of some tin mines in Cornwall whilst my friend went for a closer look at the mines. Moss comes along and waits patiently whilst I paint or draw. /  Este soy yo y mi amigo más fiel Moss el Border Collie. Yo estabahaciendo un dibujo pintura al óleo de algunas minas de estaño deCornualles, mientras que mi amigo se fue para una mirada más de cerca a las minas. Moss viene y espera pacientemente mientras yopintar o dibujar.


  1. Moss looks like he's using you as a wind break....

  2. Yep, it was a really windy day and being on the coast in Cornwall he was really quite glad it was just a quick painting!


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